ALA opposed to Real-ID act

As addendum to Margaret’s post about RFID in passports, is reporting on numerous organizations that are on record as opposing the Real-ID Act. This is the legislation proposes a national driver’s license — and it could very well be RFID enabled. The article quotes Bruce Scheiner of the Counterpane Internet Security:

“Real ID requires driver’s licenses to include a ‘common machine-readable technology.’ This will, of course, make identity theft easier,” Schneier said in a recent blog posting. “Assume that this information will be collected by bars and other businesses, and that it will be resold to companies like ChoicePoint and Acxiom.”

Even worse, Schneier said, the same specification for RFID chips embedded in passports includes details about embedding RFID chips in driver’s licenses, making it an even juicer target for thieves and terrorists.

The ALA Washington Office has a page listing ALA’s official positions official positions on privacy related legislation.

The Act is expected to be signed into law today. If you’re implementing RFID at your library expect to answer more questions from members of your constituency if this story really takes off in the media.

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