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Welcome Margaret, Editorial Policy & little fixes

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We’ve added another contributor to the blog. Welcome Margaret Hazel. Margaret has first hand experience implementing RFID at a public library and will be a valuable voice for RFID in Libraries.

I’ve made links to contributor bios under the “Authors” permalinks on the left-hand side.

Also please note there is a more detailed editorial policy available under the “About–This blog” section, also on the left-hand side.

I know changes have been slow in coming to this blog and I thank all the readers for their patience. I’m bootstrapping myself about Wordpress. I do not find it intuitive to administer. Add that to the amount of time I have to devote to the blog and, well, changes occur at glacial rate. I do think the additional contributors will help keep the blog entries more current and timely.

My next big administrative task is to get comment and track-backs in functioning order once more. Wordpress does have some comment-spam controls but I’ve got a backlog of spam to clear out. If anybody knows how to do this quickly, give me a ring and hold my hand through the process. I want to see RFID in Libraries become a real community space. Discussion is crucial for that. After I do that, I’ll tackle doing an upgrade to the latest version of WordPress.


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