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IT decision makers give thumbs up to eliminating staffed check out

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Primary Research Group released a report based on exhaustive interviews with library IT directors from nine major public libraries. Regarding RFID they say,

“Libraries that are using RFID automated book check out technology appear to be divided into two camps: those which hesitate in implementing the technology, and those which essentially limit or eliminate non-automated check out, literally compelling patrons to adjust to the new technology. All of those that had taken the latter approach were glad that they had.”

This is consistent with the experiences of the library IT folk in California that I interviewed when I was investigating RFID for my place of work. Without the option of a staffed circulation desk patrons quickly became accustomed to the RFID self-check. The key for the people I spoke with, however, was placing a dedicated staffer near the machines for the first few weeks to assist patrons during the transition.


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