Warfield and Tien dispute BPL claims

Peter Warfield, director of the Library Users Association and main protester of San Francisco Public Library RFID plan, along with Lee Tien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation have an article in the Berkeley Daily Planet which debunks the Berkeley Public Library’s claim that their RFID project will reduce worker’s compensation costs.

Warfied and Tien say that repetitive stress injuries only accounted for 26% of BPL’s $167,871 in workman compensation costs from 1999-2003. BPL director Jackie Griffith has said that BPLs costs for RSI were closer to $1 million.

I suspect there are different interpretations of the numbers here and await a rebuttal from Griffith or a BPL representative. It should be interesting to see if Warfield and Tien are as successful in Berkeley as they were in San Francisco.

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