EFF continues opposition to RFID

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has updated its RFID information page providing links to recent developments in the library world and a report on the RFID panel at CLA.

Heads up to those of you in the vincinity of Berkeley, CA: The EFF is encouraging attendence at the Berkeley City Council meeting today and the Board of Library Trustees tomorrow so that community members may demand an investigation of a proposed restructuring plan and the budgetary implications of the RFID purchase. They provide a link to a flyer created by Berkeleyans Organizing for Library Defense.

BOLDs’ flyer is fairly extreme. In its unnuanced view of the implications of RFID it implies that RFID self-check machines will result in longer lines. It also ties the staff layoffs to the purchase of the technology — which has not been documented in any report I’ve seen. It’s entirely possible that the layoffs would have occured anyway given California’s current fiscal environment.
The language it uses (ex. “Director Griffen is sinking her talons into your civil liberties”) is inflammatory. Jackie Griffen has a stellar reputation for upholding civil liberties in her work with the Intellectual Freedom Committee of the California Library Association.

I’m thinking some public education programs and discussion forums will be in Berkeley PL’s future.

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