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TI multiprotocol readers

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Yup. It’s a trend. Like Zebra, Texas Instruments has a multiprotocol reader. Yenra reports that the TI S4100 Multi-Function Reader (MFR) Module

accepts all ISO/IEC 14443 and ISO/IEC 15693 standards-compliant 13.56 MHz RFID transponders, while providing an easy migration path to support current tags not fully compliant to these standards.

Firmware can be adjusted down to the protocol level. In plain English, that means you can keep your hardware when the standards evolve. Cool.

So. We all know what’s possible. Librarians who want to protect their investment in RFID should be asking for scalability in their RFID architectures.

I recall some vendors on the CLA panel saying their companies were committed to upgradability.


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