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I’ll be speaking on RFID at the California Library Association conference on 11/13 as part of the Intellectual Freedcom Committee’s Issue’s and Updates panel at 2:15 PM .

Other programs on RFID:

11/13 3:45 PM. Understanding RFID: The Vendors Address the Tough Questions. This panel is moderated by Lori Bowen Ayre. Remember her? The vendors on the panel:
Oleg Boyarsky, Library Automation Technologies
Daniel Denault, VTLS
Emmet Erwin, Bibliotheca
Chris Harris,Vernon Library Systems
Douglas Karp, Checkpoint Systems
Frank Mussche, Libramation
Art Leoncio, 3M

I know I want to hear them talk about standards, standards, standards. Oh. And why there haven’t been many security/privacy solutions proposed or much uptake on the encryption API released by Library Automation Technologies. As Eric Ipsen, their Director of Business Development, is fond of telling me, there has been a lot of press on the issues with RFID but not a lot of focus on emerging solutions, I suspect the solutions will get more coverage once they are more widely implemented. Right now, there are still people who don’t believe the risks exist or, if they do, that they are not substantial.

11/15 9:00 AM. RFID Policy & Planning Lessons: Three Libraries Share Their Experiences in Planning for New Technology.

Folks from San Francisco Public, Berekely Public and Fresno County Public will be there. Should be good.


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