Standards & Security

Eweek has a great report about the RFID standardardization discussion at the EPCglobal show. EPCglobal, you will recall, is the outgrowth of MIT’s RFID lab. It develops standards. While the article isn’t directly about library RFID, it provides a who’s who of players in the emerging RFID security market. Now Verisign is getting in on the action. I get a sense that the security flaws within the wireless communication and on the chips may soon be addressed.

More telling is the industry’s desire to “overcome RFID resistance” by coming up with privacy standards. Funny how the motivation is to sell rather than to do the right thing. It matters not, however. As long as the privacy/security issues are settled, who cares what motivates? Though it does make me want to ensure third party scrutinization of whatever solutions emerge.

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