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Bibliotheca releases better CD/DVD tags

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RFID Journal reports that Bibliotheca has released a CD/DVD booster tag which they claim increases reads on this type of media from 70% to 100%. The usual problem with CD/DVDs is one of simple physics. Due to the magnetic layer on the disc there is interference with the electromagnetic radio signal waves.

The booster is pricey. It’s $1.49 for the booster and .99 for the donut. At that rate, I’m not sure which library could actually afford it. The breakthrough would be a definite boon to public libraries, since they tend to have high media circulation. Interestingly enough, the library cited in the article is Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library on Long Island, in New York. This is the same library that Bibliotheca touted as achieving an 85% labor savings by implementing self-check.

There is no mention of how many simultaneous reads of CD/DVDs can be done successfully. There is also no mention of how well the booster actually works in practice. Based on my conversations with electrical engineers, it is nigh well impossible to break the laws of physics and increase the read ranges of the CD/DVD tags very much. Bibliotheca may have increased the read range a little bit, and they say that it doesn’t effect the running speed/playback of the discs, nor does it damage the equipment. I reserve judgment until some library puts the tags though heavy use.


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