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Welcome Margaret, Editorial Policy & little fixes

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We’ve added another contributor to the blog. Welcome Margaret Hazel. Margaret has first hand experience implementing RFID at a public library and will be a valuable voice for RFID in Libraries.

I’ve made links to contributor bios under the “Authors” permalinks on the left-hand side.

Also please note there is a more detailed editorial policy available under the “About–This blog” section, also on the left-hand side.

I know changes have been slow in coming to this blog and I thank all the readers for their patience. I’m bootstrapping myself about Wordpress. I do not find it intuitive to administer. Add that to the amount of time I have to devote to the blog and, well, changes occur at glacial rate. I do think the additional contributors will help keep the blog entries more current and timely.

My next big administrative task is to get comment and track-backs in functioning order once more. Wordpress does have some comment-spam controls but I’ve got a backlog of spam to clear out. If anybody knows how to do this quickly, give me a ring and hold my hand through the process. I want to see RFID in Libraries become a real community space. Discussion is crucial for that. After I do that, I’ll tackle doing an upgrade to the latest version of WordPress.

Thoughts on Warfield & Tien piece

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I’ve got a bit of ranting to do about the most recent commentary in the Berkeley Daily Planet from anti-RFID activists Peter Warfield and Lee Tien. Full disclosure: I’m neither pro or con on RFID. I think the privacy concerns are valid and return on investment is poorly documented. Yet, I also believe the technology holds promise for improving service to library users. My fence-sitting advice to librarians considering RFID is “tread carefully.” This shouldn’t be news to anybody that read my fall 2004 netConnect article.

Any decision a librarian makes on RFID should be supported by facts. A list of particulars without context doesn’t do anybody any good. I question the Daily Planet’s ability to be unbiased in their reporting of this ongoing story. Some of Warfield and Tien’s reasoning is specious and should not be left to stand without question.

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