RFID in Libraries


More on Mea Culpa

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Karen Schneider gave me the proverbial (and deserved) lashing with a wet noodle over my poor choice of words regarding the Warfield/Tien vs. Berkeley Public Library tit for tat in the Berkeley Daily Planet. If you’d like more background on just how my original post came to be, you can read my response to it by following the above link.

I encourage anybody who thinks my original post compounded any problems to re-read it substituting “dispute” for “debunk” and they will get my original intent.

I’m off to re-read the dictionary. Thanks to all the etymologists who corrected my usage.

Feds not going to regulate RFID anytime soon

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A Senate high-tech task force has reccomended protecting (and I quote):

“exciting new technologies from premature regulation or legislation in search of a problem. RFID holds tremendous promise for our economy, including military logistics and commercial inventory efficiencies, and should not be saddled prematurely with regulation.”

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