RFID in Libraries


ACLU on passports

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I don’t often report on non-library related RFID happenings but this one struck a cord with me. The U.S. government is planning RFID & biometric passports and the ACLU is, naturally, protesting.

It makes me consider the oft cited example of people-tracking within Library RFID – that of the unsuspecting person carrying the Qur’an getting nabbed at the airport because the book’s RFID tag has been hotlisted. The notion of a library book as security risk pales in comparison with the RFID passport.

For the record, I am neither pro or con on RFID. I try to use this forum to look at the technology from all perspectives. My point with the ACLU link, is to provide a wider context. Those folks who protest RFID tags in libraries need to protest RFID tags everywhere (and I’m sure they do). Library tags are merely a drop in the privacy threat bucket.

Dilbert gets in on RFID

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The 11/30 Dilbert strip mentions RFID. Can increasing consumer awareness be far behind??

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