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CLA Report

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Just in case you were wondering why I didn’t report on the vendor panel at the California Library Association conference – I was waiting for Lori Bowen Ayre to do it. She has. And she’s done it well.

Her summary pretty much says what I would have.


Track consumer awareness of RFID

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BIGresearch and Artafact LLC have a syndicated report which looks at consumer awareness of RFID. They did an initial survey of 8000 people in 09/2004 and will be doing another report in 12/2004. According to them, most people still haven’t even heard of RFID. The press release says that most RFID aware adults get their information from the Internet and nearly two-thirds of them are concerned about the potential for privacy abuse and no source was recognized by them as a resource for good information. Government sources are not deemed trustworthy.

The RFID industry is keeping track of attitudes regarding privacy. What isn’t clear is whether or not they view privacy issues as a technological or communication issue. I predict that spin will come before secure chips.

SFPL saga continues

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San Francisco Public Library’s quest to install RFID is once again in the news. Local radio reports that the $300,000 plan to pilot RFID is currently on hold. The SF Board of Supervisors will revisit the issue in January.

All of the familiar players are quoted. Expect another contentious board meeting in the near future.


Vernon RFID is now Apex RFID

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Vernon has created a new division – Integrated Technology Group – for library technology, especially RFID. Vernon RFID is now called Apex RFID and Vernon Express Self Checkout is Apex XpressCheck. Their materials sorting solution is now called Vista.

They’ve got a flashy new website - http://www.integratedtek.com


Mobile Phone App Goes Consumer

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Nokia has partnered with VeriSign to develop consumer applications for the RFID enabled cell phone. How long until a library RFID vendor makes this possible in our applications?

Consider the privacy implications when every cell phone is a RFID reader. Will your system be secure??


Multiprotocol reader

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Zebra technologies has released two RFID printer/encoders which can handle multiple standards. Now, this is in the commercial RFID realm, thus focused on that class of standard. But its an indication of what can be done – and what we should demand – from the library RFID vendors. The Zebra encoders also come with a cost-free upgrade to support future standards as they emerge. Current and forward interoperability is a great concept.

Archive of California Connected

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The 5/6/2004 episode of California Connected is archived. You can view the video segment discussing RFID. Also included: a transcript of a web salon discussion and an interactive feature involving a “promiscous chip.” [scroll down to view]


Off until 11/8

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I’m off on a work trip for the next three days, so posts will be limited.

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