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Standards & Security

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Eweek has a great report about the RFID standardardization discussion at the EPCglobal show. EPCglobal, you will recall, is the outgrowth of MIT’s RFID lab. It develops standards. While the article isn’t directly about library RFID, it provides a who’s who of players in the emerging RFID security market. Now Verisign is getting in on the action. I get a sense that the security flaws within the wireless communication and on the chips may soon be addressed.

More telling is the industry’s desire to “overcome RFID resistance” by coming up with privacy standards. Funny how the motivation is to sell rather than to do the right thing. It matters not, however. As long as the privacy/security issues are settled, who cares what motivates? Though it does make me want to ensure third party scrutinization of whatever solutions emerge.

Blurb on Warren Newport PL’s sorter

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A wee comment about an Illionois library with an RFID sorter. They like it.


Sen. Nelson’s FTC/FCC letters

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I found my copies of the letters U.S Senator Bill Nelson sent to the FTC and FCC and posted them.


RFID Journal weighs in on NBD|Biblion tagging

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RFID Journal has a detailed article about the Dutch publisher NBD|Biblion’s decision to tag every book it produces.

Note how they are supplied by two vendors. Redundancy to ensure interoperability.

The article also mentions two tag manufacturers that I wasn’t familiar with: UPM Rafsec and Smartag.

It also mentions the Dutch Library Association’s set of Generic Set of Requirements RFID for Public Libraries, now known as International Generic Set of RFID Requirements for Libraries.

I’m familiar with this requirements document. I even thought I posted it on the original incarnation of this blog. It seems like that post is M.I.A., however.

It’s just as well. The requirements were last updated on August 17 – so now you have a link to the most recent information.

FCC Workshop on Oct. 7

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The FCC is holding a workshop on RFID on October 7.

The workshop looks fairly pro-RFID development. They are examining “regulatory barriers.” Seems like Senator Nelson’s questions to the FCC regarding legislative juridiction may be moot if the FCC has no interest/intention to regulate.

Senator queries FTC and FCC on RFID

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I meant to post this in August when I first heard about it. RFID Journal scooped me in reporting that U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) has gone to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with a list of questions about RFID. Somebody also informed me that he sent a similiar list of questions to the FCC, but I seem to have misplaced my notes on that.

Nelson wants to know what jurisdiction these two organizations have over regulating RFID and what they have done to stop abuses such as the Wal-Mart Gillette razor incident.

Beta Bluetooth Reader

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PhysOrg.com reports that Cathexis Innovations Inc. has launched a beta version of a Bluetooth RFID reader dubbed IDBlue.

The pen-sized reader works with passive 13.56MHz tags.

EPC Global Consumer Info Page

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The title says it all. EPC Global, the Uniform Code Council body working on standards and adoption of RFID, has a new consumer information page.

Bear in mind their bias towards widespread RFID acceptance.

Another Senator calls for Fed regulation

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Sonia Arrison writes a commentary for TechNewsWorld in which she discusses Senator Byron Dorgan’s (D-North Dakota) call for federal government to get involved with RFID development.

Arrison comes out against legislating the technology since “there is no current harm taking place as a result of RFID.”

I don’t think this is a very strong argument. Do you wait for a burglery before you lock your house up? Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel. I think industry proponents should be proactive in developing best practices if they don’t want legislators to intervene. The privacy issue is a political issue and politicians will make hay from it as protests like San Francisco’s continue.

I don’t know whether there should be intervention or not, but I’d like to see more developed arguments on both sides of the issue.

More protests in SF

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The San Francisco Examiner reports that SF public library was the site of a protest over RFID last Sunday.


Texas Instruments Announces CD/DVD Inlay

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PR Newswire is reporting that Texas Instruments has added a CD/DVD tag to its offerings. The tag is compliant with both ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3 . It’s got a whopping 2000 bits of memory.


RFID-IP Conference

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An interesting looking conference on intellectual property and RFID is coming up in October. [thanks Mary]

Kent District Lib Plans Raise Eyebrows

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More coverage of Kent District Library (MI) plans to purchase RFID. The Grand Rapids Press reports that some members of the library board are hesitant to spend cash on new tech when hours are being reduced and book budgets are shrinking.


Still alive

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Just wanted folks to know I’m still covering library-related RFID news. It’s been a bit slow. I have not encountered anything noteworthy lately.

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