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Margaret Escherich Hazel is the Principal Librarian for Technology at the Eugene Public Library, in Eugene, OR. She has been working with radio frequency identifiers in libraries since Eugene adopted RFID and an automated materials handling system from Tech Logic and Tagsys in 2002. She runs the Tech Logic User group on Yahoo Groups, and is also the founder of the RFID_LIB email list, which is hosted by her MLIS alma mater, San Jose State University. She has worked at libraries in Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Oakland, CA, as circ clerk, general reference librarian, business librarian, and webmistress. She also gardens, is raising her first child,(as of July 2005,) and loves to cook. Occasionally plays World of Warcraft.

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Laura Smart maintains a bio at Her interest in library technology began with her exposure to digital libraries at her first job at the San Diego Supercomputer Center in 1996. Subsequent jobs at UC San Diego and UCLA pushed her further into the realm of cool librarian toys, but technolust is not in her vocabulary. She has written on RFID for Library Journal, College & Research Library News and RFID News.

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